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Vertex Advertising

Vertex Advertising offers ROI-focussed internet marketing solutions to any-sized company. Optimize your web presence and enhance your top line with us. Let's talk today!


PPC Management

We provide full-service PPC management, from set-up to ongoing management. We keep at it, performing comprehensive keyword research, testing ad copy, setting up budgeting tools, ad timing and geographical targeting, and creating highly-relevant and compelling landing pages. Maintain a steady click volume, multiply the existing click-through rate of your ad groups, reduce CPC and spend, and give Quality Score a boost.

Website Design

Give your existing online storefront a makeover or build one from ground-up. We understand your business goals for your website and suggest suitable design solutions. Responsive, static, Flash, ecommerce, table-less....we leverage our knowledge and hands-on experience of different web designs and technologies. Create a first good impression on visitors, encourage customers to come back for more and keep search engines happy.

Search Engine Optimization

We think creatively, execute tactically. Whether you want to grow sales, increase leads or improve visitor engagement, we get the job done. We develop a custom SEO strategy incorporating on-page and off-page optimization techniques to rank your page higher on search engines. The most effective SEO strategy is creating quality content. We can transform the quality of your online branded content to drive up engagement and support your optimization goals.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media advertising campaigns grow your social media audience, send relevant traffic to your website or blog, and create a community around your brand. Depending on your business, we suggest the appropriate social media to market your content on, develop a posting schedule, and create a mix of engaging content that compels your fans and followers to interact with your brand. We evaluate the results of your social media advertising campaigns and send you monthly reports.

Content Writing

Our content writers are wordsmiths adept at creating people-friendly, search engine-friendly content. We can assist you across the full spectrum of your content marketing strategy. That means SEO articles, blog posts, website copy, whitepapers, ebooks and more. Our broad industry knowledge, research-heavy approach and finger on the pulse of the latest news, trends and developments, enables us to write original, engaging and share-worthy content.

Vertex Advertising Process

We first Identify the Audience and Create a Coherent Advertising Plan to Bring Your Business to More Consumers, Multiply Sales, Improve Audience Engagement and Enhance Brand Visibility.
We learn from Our Customers to be able to provide a proper Customer Service and Support.

We Identify your target Audience
We create a coherent Advertising Plan
You Sign up!
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Send us an email at or fill our contact form to discuss your requirements. We'll spring into action and help you create and sustain an enviable and profitable online presence.